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I’m Maria, the author of the young adult novel, The Secret Side of Empty, which will be published by Running Press in the spring of 2014.

If the book’s not out yet, why have I invited you here?  Well, lots of reasons, most of which that lifelong dreams are best when shared.  And getting this book published is truly a dream that felt impossible for a really long time.

The Secret Side of Empty is the story of M.T., a high school senior who has a lot going for her.  She gets great grades, has an awesome best friend and meets a guy.  (THE guy).  But she’s got a secret. Her secret means that life as she knows it is going to be done as soon as she graduates high school.

M.T.’s secret is that she’s “illegal,” (as the news calls it).  Her parents came over when she was a baby and overstayed their visas.  And although she had no say in the matter, she’s legally a stranger in the only country she’s ever called home.  Without a social security number, she can’t go to college, get a driver’s license or do any of the “normal” things her friends are doing.  And if she tells, she’s afraid she and her family will get deported back to a home country she doesn’t even remember.

But it’s not all serious.  There’s plenty of time with Nate (THE guy).  Oh, and a car chase.  And many funny moments.  And something for anyone who has ever felt like there is a part of her that isn’t quite good enough.

Thanks so much for being part of the select group of people (“early adopters” you’re called) who have taken the time to find out about this book even before it hits the shelves.  I’ll need your help picking out a cover, asking questions and otherwise helping bring this story to life.  So thank you so much for being here!

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