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So, I was down the shore this past weekend and, with my new burning desire for YouTube fame I figured I would be SO CLEVER if I recorded my “how I got my literary agent” video in front of the beach.  It was going to be epic, you see?  Great scenery.  Symbolism of perseverance on the Sandy-ravaged Jersey shore.  Jersey strong, all that stuff.  I mean, get a load of this picture.  It’s awesome cinematography, right?

Maria_Andreu_New_JerseyExcept… here’s the one little thing I forgot to account for:  it is windy as hell by the water.  So I got 6 minutes of me carrying on about how hard it was to get an agent, but how you can do it if you stick with it… and the audio is completely unusable.  Just me garbled under water.  An outtake so bad I can’t even post it in my “Outtakes” folder.

So, yeah, as my son would say, “Epic fail.”  This video adventure is a new thing to learn with video editing and software, etc.  I do have this nifty new tripod, but, alas, it does not come equipped with someone who knows how to use a video camera.


So, the story of how I got a literary agent is actually pretty cool, and I promise I will do a video on it.  Excuse me while I cope with technical difficulties.


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