A love letter to my weeds

Dear weeds: Like with all my love relationships, life with you has sometimes been complex.  Sure, I’ve yanked you out of the ground.  But, in my defense, I’ve never sprayed you with toxic [...]

A bittersweet freedom

She turned my life upside down in the most painful way imaginable 10 years ago.  Then she disappeared.  Yesterday, she wrote me on Facebook, asking for a big favor.  It was something of a shock, [...]

When cabs attack

Okay, okay, it’s wrong to blame it on the cab.  But “When dumb criminals carjack cabs and wedge them in front of my supermarket” was too long for a title. So… this morning [...]

Boston and what I know

Watching Humvees with army-type guys armed to the teeth rolling down the quiet streets of Cambridge is hard for me.  For one, I have spent significant time in Cambridge and I love it there. For [...]

On Vacation From My Flowers

I go on a 9 day vacation and come back to a barely recognizable garden!  I feel like the mother who is forced to go away for a long period of time to come back and find that her children have [...]