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port authorityBecause, you know, the Port Authority isn’t bad enough on its own.

Initial reports seem unclear but someone posted that some clown left a box with toy granades.  Freaking hilarious, loser!  Wow, that’s just so clever.

Pardon me while I indulge in just the teensiest rant about it.  While there is no accounting for idiots, I can’t help but think that the wall-to-wall coverage the Boston bombing has gotten is going to inspire stunts like this one.  My only comfort is that the surveillance cameras I loathe are going to help identify this rocket scientist before I wake up tomorrow morning.  Or, let’s be charitable and assume that the homeless lady who carts around 8 suitcases maybe just accidentally left one behind.

The one highlight of an otherwise truly unfunny situation?  The quote attributed to a cop investigating at the scene:  “No one would have been injured unless the box landed on your head.”  Oh, New York’s Finest, how your dry humor amuses me.


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