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keep-calm-and-forget-dubya-has-a-libraryI read this post last week and I put it on my (ridiculously, incredibly long) list of things to write about.  George Bush Presidential Library?  Seriously?

I  decided I would write a post about how crazy unfair it is that I have exactly ZERO libraries with my name on them, although I’ve dedicated my life to a passionate love of the written word, while George Bush, genius utterer of the sparkling phrase, “Is our children learning?” just got one.  A library, people?  Really?  Next let’s give him the Nobel Peace Prize for his many contributions to worldwide fellowship and understanding.  Let’s hold the ceremony in Iraq.

Anyhoo, despite my bitterness that MY dad did not pave the way for my very own library and MY brother didn’t help steal the election that made it all possible, real life intervened and I did not write said post.  And now, of course, it’s too late.  Last week’s news.  Now instead of clever and funny it would just be lame and too late.  Plus, I can’t stay mad that long.  More libraries are always a good thing, even if they do bear the name of someone who says things like, “When you’re working hard to put food on your family.”  (Feeling the need for a trip down GWB memory lane?  Here you go).

Anyway, to cope with events, I was inspired to create a “Keep Calm” poster about the George Bush Presidential Library in the Keep-Calm-O-Matic.    And, strangely, it helped.

But, seriously, you should still read the post “As he Unveils His Presidential Library, We Remember the Top 20 Ways President Bush Destroyed America.”  Because, yes, I should let go, but I still kind of wish I had written it.


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