Facing the critics

Writing a book about something you’ve considered your biggest secret for most of your life has its challenges.  One is, well, telling the secret.  For the most part, telling has opened me [...]

Profiled in NJ.com

Check out my very first interview!  Talking about my book was everything I thought it would be.  The reporter asked great questions and put me at ease.  NJ.com profiles  The Secret Side of Empty. [...]

Adventures in publishing

I am really enjoying this book publicity stuff, as I knew I would.  I am living the dream! When I was a little undocumented girl living in a ratty basement, I would entertain my parents by [...]

Birth Wars

In today’s birthing world, no decision about pregnancy and newborns seems easy.  Epidural or not?  Midwife or doctor?  Breastfeeding and pumping, or supplemental formula?  Every decision is [...]

Epicenter tall bearded iris

Okay, it’s official.  The irises are popping up faster than I can write about them.  This morning when I left the house, the only one that was new was War Chief (finally, a red in my red, [...]

Alizes Tall Bearded Iris

Type: Tall Bearded (TB) Style: Amoena Height: 33″ Color: Blue Originator: Cayeux, Richard Year: 1989 Bloom Season: Early midseason This is one of those irises that looks pretty in pictures [...]

The deeper yearning

I finally signed my book contract.  Since it’s the culmination of a lifelong dream, you’d figure I’d be in absolute bliss. And I am.  Sort of. Once a goal is achieved, it’s my nature to think of [...]

Blog named Top 10!

The day I signed my book deal, I returned to my desk to find an email letting me know that my dating blog, 51 First Dates After Divorce, has been named one of the Top 10 Best Dating After Divorce [...]

And the title is…

Oh, come on, you know I can’t just blurt it out. As you may know, the working title for my YA novel was Illegal.  It was its title before it was even a YA novel.  Then, when I got the notes [...]