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epicenter tall bearded irisOkay, it’s official.  The irises are popping up faster than I can write about them.  This morning when I left the house, the only one that was new was War Chief (finally, a red in my red, white and blue iris bed).  This afternoon I came home to an absolute riot of new color.   Old Black Magic, Connection, a few little no-name yellow ones that were gifted to me by a fellow gardener.  They are breathtaking.  I just want to stare at them all day long.  Pictures don’t do justice.

My absolute favorite is, I think, the new Epicenter tall bearded iris that just burst on the scene today.  Impossibly tall, sturdy and gorgeous.  The counterpoint to Aggressively Forward, it is yellow with purple edging, as opposed to Aggressively Forward’s purple with yellow edging.  They look amazing together, like mirror images.  I am in love.  Total love!  It is a stunning, dramatic flower.  I want a hundred of them.

I will go back to my more scientific cataloging when I get some free time, hopefully this coming weekend.  But tonight I just wanted to gush about the absolute beauty of these flowers.  Buy your Epicenter tall bearded iris here.



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