More iris garden

It’s iris season!  I want to post a gazillion pictures but I’ll spare you and post just a few (below).  They’re so pretty and they’re popping up everywhere! I am adding a [...]

Revere tall bearded iris

Iris season is in full swing and I couldn’t be happier.  Every morning I can’t wait to rush outside to see what new variety is blooming.  This morning I was particularly delighted to [...]

How the milkweed is doing

You may recall that last year I wrote a post about the sharp decline of the monarch butterfly and what home gardeners can do to help stop it.  (Click here to see that piece). What I did was find [...]

Old Black Magic

I have a weakness for dramatic-looking flowers (being a dramatic flower myself). One of the many reasons it makes me happy when my Old Black Magic iris comes up each year:

Garden update

Another rainy day in NJ, which makes my gardener’s heart smile. Everything is bright green and beautiful. Some random notes: I am on the lookout for whether I’ll have iris in bloom by [...]


People, there is SNOW ON MY DAFFODILS ON APRIL 15th.  Make that ten minutes into the 16th.  Do I live in Alaska?  The Arctic Circle?  NO.  Gardening hardiness zone 6B, meaning… Forget what [...]

Daffodils and Forsythia

It is officially spring when I can make a bouquet of daffodils and forsythia for my living room.  A slice of sunshine right on my antique reclaimed factory cart coffee table.  Few things can lift [...]

The Butterfly Garden

Last year, I went totally overboard buying iris.  I was handsomely repaid with an amazing show in just about every color of the rainbow.  I did my best to document the bloom time of the iris but [...]

Alizes Tall Bearded Iris

Type: Tall Bearded (TB) Style: Amoena Height: 33″ Color: Blue Originator: Cayeux, Richard Year: 1989 Bloom Season: Early midseason This is one of those irises that looks pretty in pictures [...]


Rapacious marauding gang of horned miscreants ate every single tulip shoot clean to the ground, even dressed as they were with deer repellent.  They even took a chunk out of an iris plant, which [...]