Still so…

… mad. Still just so darn mad about this shooting in California. I want to jump on the bandwagon and start mouthing off about “not one more,” but who am I kidding? There will be [...]

Yes all women

The twittersphere has reacted to the mysoginistic details of the Santa Barbara mass killing with the #YesAllWomen campaign. The name of the hashtag is as a response to the #NotAllMen [...]

One of my favorite interviews

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to visit Friends Select, a a wonderful school in Philly. One of the best parts was the interview with a select number of students. I here I am with my [...]

The right of safe passage

I am tired of seeing parents on TV crying about their gunned-down children. I am tired of hearing people say that we really should do something about guns in this country after every horrific [...]


Besides all the usual Memorial Day weekend activities (a parade, visiting my mom, hanging out with friends), I had an amazing weekend. The reason? I wrote 15,000 words on my work in progress. To [...]

June Events

After the craziness that was May I told myself that at least I’d have June and the rest of the summer to relax. Then I looked at my calendar and realized I have a bunch of events coming up. [...]

To the book snob in me

Throughout my life, I have been a certified book snob.  I think it began when I was 16 and I convinced the conservative English teacher in my little Catholic school to let me, a virginal junior, [...]

Old Black Magic

I have a weakness for dramatic-looking flowers (being a dramatic flower myself). One of the many reasons it makes me happy when my Old Black Magic iris comes up each year:

Almost… there…

When I get my hands on the crazy person who thought it would be cool to book me for 5 high-intensity book promotion events in 6 days, as well as throwing in a little session of scrubbing down my [...]

Audio book recording done

Audible has bought the audio rights to THE SECRET SIDE OF EMPTY.  The audio recording happened last week.  I was fortunate  to get to exchange emails with the talented Eileen Stevens, who did the [...]

Finally, Mother’s Day

I did not take naturally to motherhood. It’s not that I didn’t want it or didn’t adore my children. I did. The idea that I made people was instantly mind-blowing. The trouble [...]

Garden update

Another rainy day in NJ, which makes my gardener’s heart smile. Everything is bright green and beautiful. Some random notes: I am on the lookout for whether I’ll have iris in bloom by [...]

Audio book news!

The audio version of THE SECRET SIDE OF EMPTY begins recording tomorrow!  I’ve had correspondence with the audio “talent” that will do the reading, and she is amazing.  More [...]