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When I get my hands on the crazy person who thought it would be cool to book me for 5 high-intensity book promotion events in 6 days, as well as throwing in a little session of scrubbing down my house so I could entertain family from out of town, I am going to…

Oh, wait.  That was me?  Never mind, then.

I want to post separate recaps of each event.  Really, I do!  And in the fantasy land in which I don’t so desperately need a nap, I will.  In this world, however, all you get is a recap, I’m afraid.

Thursday at Well Read Books was amazing.  AM-A-ZING.  I did the event with another author, Philip Siegel, and if you haven’t picked up his book, THE BREAK-UP ARTIST, you should.  It’s a rollicking, fun story about a high school girl who makes her money being (you guessed it) a break-up artist.  I can already see it as a movie starring whoever is going to be the next Emma Stone.

Friday I drove to Philly to do a wonderful school visit.  From the girls who interviewed me privately for their blog to the cool 10th grade class that asked me which Spongebob episode I had in mind when I mentioned Spongebob in TSSoE, it reminded me how much I love visiting schools.

Saturday was a BIG day, with five hours of a children’s book festival (my first) in Hillsborough, NJ and then a get-together at my mom’s house.

Sunday was a blur.  Clean, vacuum, clean clean, clean the patio, clean, blur, Iwannanap… I’m buying take-out instead of cooking for my aunt from Argentina.  Then… chilling with the oldsters.  Lots of fun, but have I mentioned my nap fantasies yet?

This morning, a visit to Wood-Ridge High School in New Jersey.  What a cool bunch of students!  We had an amazing two-hour visit that flew by.  They asked great questions and we took lots of pictures together at the end.  You can see some by clicking here.

Tomorrow I’m going to the Morris Park branch of the New York Public Library.  Then I “only” have 3 events in June and I’m off for summer vacation!

In other news, my garden is growing on benevolent neglect, luckily.  My irises look so beautiful.  I cut a whole bunch for the living room.  And, today at Wood-Ridge High School I got a gorgeous bouquet so it’s a bit of a garden inside the house too.

So much happiness to be had in this world.

Now if only this world included naps!  And a nice spa visit.  I think I know what I’m getting myself for my birthday.

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