In My Garden, Writing

daffodilsIt is officially spring when I can make a bouquet of daffodils and forsythia for my living room.  A slice of sunshine right on my antique reclaimed factory cart coffee table.  Few things can lift my spirits like these guys.

Today my mom came over and we drank máte and sat out back on the patio, comparing gardening notes.  We both agree that recovery from this harsh winter is going to be harder than usual… so many things didn’t make it!  But today it’s beyond gorgeous… 74 degrees (what my brother calls “Heaven weather”).  I’ve got windows and doors thrown open, shades pulled up high and floors sparkling clean.

It feels great to go outside and begin to make plans.  Irises are growing strong (flowers by end of month, hopefully).  High on the agenda in the next few weeks: filling all the flower boxes and planning out the side garden.  The tulips I planted last winter (behind the fence, away from the deer who think they are salad) are growing in green and lovely.  The hyacinth I interspersed between them (billed as red but coming up a kind of hot pink) are already in bloom.  Later this gardening season, if all goes well, I will begin to transplant some of the iris to the backyard.  (And, oh, maybe buy a few new ones too).

Spring is finally here, folks, a time when every gardener remembers that things bloom again.  Heart singing with gratitude.

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