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This weekend I had the privilege of visiting Falmouth, Massachusetts to talk about THE SECRET SIDE OF EMPTY and meet a whole lot of cool folks.

The event was organized by the awesome Eight Cousins Bookstore right in the heart of downtown Falmouth.  If you haven’t visited Falmouth, you should definitely put it on your list.  It is picturesque and full of fun things to do.

maria_andreu_at_eight_cousins_falmouth_maOne of the traditions at Eight Cousins is that every author that visits gets her picture taken on the one-of-a-kind chair that sits outside the bright, lovely store.  Commissioned by the store from local artist Sarah Peters, it is a chair made from every letter of the alphabet.  What’s more, every letter is textured with something that begins with the letter (b is covered in buttons, etc.).  Here I am on the super-cool Alphabet Chair.  See what I’m holding on my lap?

Then I was privileged to be invited to speak to the students of Falmouth High School.  They were attentive and engaged and had lots of great questions.  The local T.V. station filmed my appearance, so I’ll post a link to the video once that’s available.  After my presentation was done, many of the students came up to chat and I learned more than the kids did.  I came away with great book recommendations and even some suggestions for great poets to read.  I love talking to students!

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