My new favorite study

I have officially found my new favorite study. It says this:  more intelligent people stay up later than less intelligent people.  Finally, some researchers that make me feel good about a habit [...]

I’m ba-ack!

Hello loves.  To you who read with regularity, big smooch and thank you.  I have been totally neglecting you and for that I am sorry.  Here’s my feeble half-excuse/half-story: First, I went [...]

When bad things happen

The other day, a report of a sexual assault in our town’s recreation center came through on our discussion list.  Despite its proximity to New York City, mine is a sleepy town of 8,000 [...]

When bias strikes

The other day I went to register at one of those sites that requires that you choose security questions in case you forget your password.  I have always found these vexing, but as they wander [...]

Audio out next week!

Only eight days left until THE SECRET SIDE OF EMPTY is released in audio format.  If you prefer to listen to your books instead of lug around paper, then now’s your chance to hear this [...]

It’s Official!

I start my new job on July 28th.  I’m so excited on many levels (it’s Director-level, I am really loving the vibe of the place, they recruited me, the work sounds awesome), but most [...]

Book # 2 is finished!

Color me happy!  I’ve finished writing book # 2.  Of course, when I say “finished writing it” I mean it is now a cohesive story and what an editor would probably consider a [...]

Oh, to have a garden folly

For years I have been in love with garden follies.  What are garden follies, you ask?  They are magical structures often meant to look like old ruins but which are just decorative little bits of [...]

How the milkweed is doing

You may recall that last year I wrote a post about the sharp decline of the monarch butterfly and what home gardeners can do to help stop it.  (Click here to see that piece). What I did was find [...]

Where books meet immigration

With child migrants in the news, I was happy to see this great list of books for kids and teens about migrants and immigration impact on author Meg Medina’s website.  I was even happier to [...]

Atlas DIY does great work

Every place I’ve visited on my book tour has been special.  Atlas DIY was special in a unique way and I will always remember the evening I spent there. Atlas DIY is a wonderful non-profit [...]