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Hello loves.  To you who read with regularity, big smooch and thank you.  I have been totally neglecting you and for that I am sorry.  Here’s my feeble half-excuse/half-story:

First, I went heads down on finishing novel number two.  There’s only so much writing juice in this brain, and sometimes writing a post means not working on a book.  So I began to stray and…well, there you have it.  Second, I have been in a job transition!  I got a wonderful new opportunity which came looking for me.  There are many great things about it: more creative, bigger opportunity, lots of great, like-minded people.  Probably best of all, the company is in San Francisco, which means I will work from home with regular trips to lovely San Fran.  The best of all worlds!  I am so excited!

Not commuting into New York City means I have just gotten back 2 1/2 hours of my day, plus reduced my stress level by about 90%.  Which should translate into more early-morning writing, hopefully, instead of gnashing my teeth on a New York-bound bus at a slow crawl.  So I will stop neglecting you now.

Thanks for being here!  And stay tuned for news of novel #3, which I just started last week and which I am totally loving so far.

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