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maria_andreu_book_signing!On Wednesday, May 15th, I took a stroll over to my wonderful agent’s office to sign my book contract.

I didn’t think signing the actual contract would feel like much of anything, since I’ve known this was a done deal since January.  But, somehow, it made it all very real.  My brother came along as a cheering section of one and snapped this photo of me as we were leaving.  I was beaming ear to ear in front of the cool Writers House sign.  He posted it on his FB feed and the warm wishes came from friends and acquaintances alike.  I really felt the love!

This has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl.  And although usually a “big event” leaves you feeling like not much has changed, after this I do feel different.  I feel a wonderful peace and sense of accomplishment and hope and inspiration.  Really happy!

PS –  (If you haven’t read the history of the Writers House, you can do it here.  It was once John Jacob Astor’s bank and also the U.S. Communist Party headquarters.  Now it’s floor-to-ceiling book yumminess with walls covered by the framed covers of the best sellers they represent.  Very inspiring!).

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