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I am really enjoying this book publicity stuff, as I knew I would.  I am living the dream!

When I was a little undocumented girl living in a ratty basement, I would entertain my parents by putting on fashion shows with feather boas and wigs, making entrance after entrance just so that I could change costumes.  Then I would sing, act, and otherwise insist on attention.  I have always loved the stage, the limelight.  And, although I write because I can’t not write, and would write even if I knew no one would see it (as I did for the decades when no one did), I also love the part about getting the word out.

So, today’s news on that front is:

PW1)  I just had my first formal interview for the book.  Or, excuse me, my first interview ever.  And, may I say I loved it!  The reporter was smart and attentive and asked great questions and really worked to get to the heart of why I’d written the book.  He even took a picture of me in my town, both of us dodging the rain.  (I hope my hair is not too much of a frizz bomb in it).  The piece should be up on Monday and I’ll post a link here.  I have another interview scheduled for next week.

2)  Publishers Weekly, “the international news website of book publishing and bookselling,” just blurbed The Secret Side of Empty.  Check out the announcement here, right under news of Melissa Gilbert writing her first picture book!



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