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Going through the notes in my phone I found a list of random thoughts I jotted down during the extended blackout after Hurricane Sandy.  Almost a year later, they’re a little funny.  A little not funny.  But an interesting glimpse into a mind slowly unraveling.

Things I didn’t know before the storm

When you don’t have electricity, you smell bad even after you’ve taken a shower.  Science still doesn’t know why.
It’s a bad idea to wax your eyebrows by candlelight.
Neighbors’ helpfulness level is inversely proportional to how much their lives are currently sucking too.
Cats hate hurricanes.
Misery does love company.  And maybe that’s okay.
Gas lines make me cry.

The local library people must all be Zen masters.
Power truck guys fix other people’s power while theirs at home is down.
People act horrible on gas lines.  I mean ‘worse-than-DMV’ horrible.
Hot apple cider with a shot of brandy really does make getting into an icy bed easier.
We’re all about one uncharged smartphone, 3 milkless days and one empty gas tank away from madness.


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