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A few days ago I wrote about my high school English teacher, Ms. Bordiga.  I mentioned her as an aside in a piece about “Latino time” vs. “American time,” as kind of a life-saver, taking over the making of taco meat when I wasn’t ready to greet my party guests.  She was like that.  As she sometimes still does, after she came to my mind she stayed with me.  Then, today, I went to a high school friend’s page for another reason and I saw that a note I wrote about Ms. Bordiga was listed on her profile.

I re-read it.  It still drips of the truth that the people we love touch us forever, even long after they’re gone.  I’d forgotten writing the note, but there it all still was:  A Tribute to Ms. Bordiga.  I couldn’t say it any better today than I did two years ago, so here is a link to it:  Click here.

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