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T-minus four days and counting until my very first book signing at American Library Association’s Midwinter meeting.  Excited!  And wondering… what if no one shows up?  Argh.  Not knowing the future really irks me sometimes.  I’m focusing on plans to live tweet the event.  Not being much of a tweeter, we’ll see how this goes.  I’ll keep you posted.  And if you ARE a tweeter, follow me @WriterSideofM and the conference hashtag #alamw14

In other news, today I got word from my editor that the very first editorial review of The Secret Side of Empty will be out tomorrow.  I’ve seen it, it’s good, but the link isn’t live until tomorrow so I can’t post about it yet.  Have I mentioned that patience is not my strong suit?  Do check in tomorrow to read it.  It’s cool!



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