The ends of things

For most of the stories we trade, we know a beginning, a middle and an end.  Jackie Kennedy… remember her as a young widow?  And then marrying that Onassis guy?  And how she went at the [...]

Guide to ALA Midwinter

Going to the American Library Association Midwinter conference? The fun is already getting underway! Check out this handy guide from School Library Journal. (And see information about my Saturday [...]

Tweet tweet

Are you following me on Twitter yet?  No?  Don’t worry, neither is anyone else.  I have an anemic 136 followers (way better than the  50-something I had a few weeks  ago) but I definitely [...]

Thursday thoughts

My dears: I am being totally remiss in my commitment to post on here once a day, but it is not for lack of desire, I promise!  Being 53 days away from publication of Secret Side means I am doing [...]

Hair of the dog

What cures the scandal that arises when your people capriciously cause massive traffic snarls in one of the world’s most traffic-beleaguered towns as political payback? Well, if [...]

Best news of the day

I refer to often, because just as I’m about to use a word I’ve used a thousand times I sometimes ask myself: does this really mean exactly what I want it to mean here? [...]

Happiness is…

…watching blankets of gorgeous, powdery snow from a warm and toasty house. …having kids old enough to help shovel. …having said kids not grumble once about helping. [...]