Chelsea is golden-haired, rich, drives a BMW and attracts guys without trying.  Also, she’s a great best friend to M.T., the main character.

Chelsea first caught M.T.’s attention in kindergarten, when one small gesture helped her see that Chelsea was the kind of friend you want to keep around for life.  And she hasn’t disappointed – positive, fun, sporty and true, Chelsea never pushes M.T. to tell more about herself than she’s comfortable telling and never acknowledges that she has so much more than M.T. and her family.  As far as Chelsea is concerned, whatever is hers is just naturally also for her best friend to enjoy.

That’s worked well – so far.  But as senior year gets underway, Chelsea wants to know what M.T. has planned for her future… and what that means for their friendship.  As M.T. continues to hide her secret and the end of high school approaches, the friendship between Chelsea and M.T. is strained to its breaking point.

And what M.T. doesn’t know is that Chelsea is hiding secrets of her own.

Chelsea sass:

If you’re just all falling apart over a guy, I’m going to have to stage a serious intervention.

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