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Waiting for reviews of your book to come in is like sending your baby off to kindergarten and then waiting all day to find out if she cried and was miserable or made friends and had fun.  Nerve-racking.

That’s why it was a huge relief to get the first review of The Secret Side of Empty… and to see that it’s good!  Also cool that it’s from Kirkus Reviews, one of the most respected book reviewers out there.  Go to Amazon and look at all your favorite books – most of them will quote a Kirkus review.

Here’s my favorite part:

Drawing from her personal experience (as she explains in her author’s note), Andreu has crafted an empathetic yet gritty narrative; readers will ache for M.T. as they are let into her secret life.

A timely and powerful portrait of the American dream deferred.

You can read the full review by clicking here.


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