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I did not watch the State of the Union address.  There would have been a time that I would have had a viewing party, popcorn and a full analysis of the opposition rebuttal.  Tonight I was in screenwriting class.  It was not until I got out of the subway on my way to the bus terminal that I even remembered that the State of the Union was on.   And then only because I checked Facebook and my leftie friends were all atwitter.

Here’s where I am with politics: I am getting too old for posturing.  I am tired of rhetoric and the “perception is reality” nonsense of both our parties.  I don’t have to watch the State of the Union because I’ve seen the  same speech dozens of times before.  One side will stand up and clap.  The other side will look dour.  Which sides do what  changes over the year, but the template remains the same.  It is all theater.

I am not disillusioned.  I may one day go back to watching.  What I am right now is otherwise engaged.  I know there is serious business facing our nation, a future to forge, differences to  bridge.   It’s just that here, as I am, I don’t know if pretty words do that work.  And I’ve got homework to do 😉

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