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Today I can finally confirm that one of the reasons for my upcoming trip to Los Angeles is to meet my film and television rights agent from the marvelous Gotham Group!  Shimmy on over to my brand new contact page if you’re a producer or famous star and are just itching to gobble up the rights to THE  SECRET SIDE OF EMPTY and need Julie’s contact info (or if you’re just curious. In which case, don’t bother Julie).   Click here.

Her office is smack dab in the middle of all the fun in L.A., so the plan is to rent a car to do my school appearance in the morning and meet with the Gotham team in the afternoon, then explore a bit of  downtown L.A.  It’s my first time driving the epic L.A. traffic by myself, so I’m a teensy bit nervous.  The last time I was in California, I was sneaking across the border into it at 8 years old.  Wish me luck!

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