Rock star moment

On a flight home from Orlando to Newark International, I got the exit row seat. I signed up for it because I like the leg room. I had forgotten that the flight attendants have those little jump [...]

Books are shipping!

I came home from a four-day business trip to find the best Amazon box I’ve ever gotten… one that was full of copies of THE SECRET SIDE OF EMPTY.  Facebook followers and friends are [...]

I am an airhead

When I was nineteen, I had a car accident at an intersection. The back of my car got hit. It wasn’t a big accident – I wasn’t going very fast and neither was the other guy. [...]

The sun exists

…and today it visited New Jersey. I emerged from my cave and dragged my reluctant 12-year-old son to a nearby park where the snowpack was melting a la Everest, causing the paths to be [...]

The things I love

Everything I love today: I love my electricity. I love that my wind chimes are singing in the crisp air outside my door, giving this glorious winter morning a soundtrack. I love that when I look [...]

And the subject is…

I glanced at my email  inbox and it struck me that it’s a perfect little snapshot of what my life is today.  Here are the top six subject lines, part wish-fulfillment, part writing.   [...]

Upcoming events

The other day I went to visit my website and the browser just sat there, spinning its wheels, taking forever to load the site.  I ran a quick site speed test, which let me know that a bunch of [...]

My Facebook movie

Facebook is like a boyfriend who is thoughtless and self-centered a lot of the time (my specialty) but then every once in a while does something so charming you just can’t leave him.  Today [...]

Amazon Author Rank

“Take Amazon Author Rank with a grain of salt,” says every publishing industry expert ever to every newbie author ever.  The last  time I heard  this was last week when I was [...]