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“Take Amazon Author Rank with a grain of salt,” says every publishing industry expert ever to every newbie author ever.  The last  time I heard  this was last week when I was lamenting being  unable to break the six-figure ceiling with my book that won’t be out for a month.

“It’s only part of the puzzle.  Don’t stress it,” said  Industry Expert.  Of course, anyone who can say “Don’t  stress” to me doesn’t know me very well at all.

Then, yesterday, I made a plea to my Facebook friends to buy the book now because all pre-sales get counted the first week, helping the book have a strong debut.   People started posting their receipts right on Facebook. (I have some really good friends).  And my Author Rank increased by over 118,000 slots (I started by being ranked right there with the guy photocopying Druid recipes in his basement, so it’s not as impressive as it sounds).   But it was  enough to get me  hooked.

Good thing?  Maybe, maybe not.  But… go buy the book anyway! Pretty please!

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