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I glanced at my email  inbox and it struck me that it’s a perfect little snapshot of what my life is today.  Here are the top six subject lines, part wish-fulfillment, part writing.

subject line





Marketing managers everywhere seem  to have decided that, because I can’t leave my house due to the blizzard, they might as well fuel my escape fantasies by selling me bathing suits.  Also, the chief of police of my town  (who is the chattiest emailer I’ve ever met, much more teen in tone than grizzled old police guy) has written three times already this morning to warn about the storm.  The first one bemoaned  the state of  the roads and lamented the lack of salt (is this urban myth that’s popping  up about a jittery South buying up all the salt true?  If so, not cool,  South.  Not cool).  The next read “I can’t emphasize enough how dangerous the roads are.”   (Oh, but you can).  The third was to inform us that the  next town over from us, Teaneck, has closed a main thoroughfare that also runs through our town.  I swear he came very close to adding an OMG into that one.  Before that the town wrote to say that when this puppy turns into an ice storm this afternoon we will probably have to kiss our electricity goodbye.

The point is it’s snowing, people.  It’s snowing  a lot.

I, for one, am happily cuddled on my couch in my brand new faux fur throw (will I ever have enough fuzzy blankets?  I think perhaps not.  I buy a new one with any flimsy excuse.  This last one got purchased because guests were coming.   It’s for the guests, people!). But, honestly, it’s heaven on earth.  See my faux fur throw: click here.

Okay, so that’s it today.  Snow and faux fur.  I can’t think of anything I need to escape so much that would make me leave my house, so here I’ll be. Hoping you are warm too.

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