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Facebook is like a boyfriend who is thoughtless and self-centered a lot of the time (my specialty) but then every once in a while does something so charming you just can’t leave him.  Today Facebook did one of  those charming things: it made me a movie.  Oh, it wasn’t just me, of course.  It made everyone who wanted one their own movie (in usual Facebook self-centered fashion, to celebrate ITS OWN 10th birthday).

Weirdly, although it meant that their algorithm deduced which were the most important events in my life with eerie precision, it wasn’t creepy at all.   It misted me up like that Google commercial I’m always obsessing about.   Perhaps Facebook has me more indoctrinated than I care to admit.

My one quibble is that they didn’t give me embed code so that I could post it  right here (hit hogs).  It stays on my Facebook profile.  But that’s okay, because I made it public, so even if you’re not my Facebook friend you can check it out.  Right around the 19 second  mark I totally welled up with tears.  Darn, Facebook.  I think it’s the music. That, and I’m a total sap.  Click here to check it out.  (It’s the first thing on my profile).

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