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…and today it visited New Jersey.

I emerged from my cave and dragged my reluctant 12-year-old son to a nearby park where the snowpack was melting a la Everest, causing the paths to be crisscrossed by rivers.  My son happily splashed in every one of them.  I scolded, to no avail.  But I was so happy to see him outside, his pasty face to the sun, that I mostly let it slide.  We laughed and talked about video game characters.  It was glorious.

I came home to investigate whether any of my flowerbeds were peeking through the three feet of snow.  And… yes!  Miracle of miracles!  There are little green shoots here and there, which reminds me just how resilient and beautiful living things really are.  All this good moisture from the melting snow is soaking into their roots and helping them bring on the spring.  By the time I get back from my trip to Florida at the end of the week I hope that some of my crocus will be popping up.

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