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I was sitting at my computer yesterday, answering interview questions (which I’m pretty sure is the only thing I do with my “free” time these days), when I took a break to check email.  There it was, a message from Amazon:

We have received new release date information related to the order you placed on February 02, 2014 (Order# 104-6504722-9400244). The item(s) listed below will actually ship sooner than we originally expected based on the new release date:

Andreu, Maria E. “The Secret Side of Empty”
Previous estimated arrival date: March 13, 2014
New estimated arrival date: February 28, 2014

Ummmm… what?!?  You’d figure Andreu, Maria E. should know that her book will be in readers’ hands eleven days earlier than she’s been thinking it would be, but nope.  THAT IS FIVE DAYS AWAY, PEOPLE!  Hyperventilating just a tad.

So why the discrepancy?  It turns out that the famed “release date” that we associate with books only turns out to be a thing for the likes of Harry Potter.  The books of mere mortals actually roll out as they arrive in warehouses, and heroic efforts are not made to have that be all on the same day.  So March 11th, the date I’ve been touting as my release date, is actually the last date bookstores must guarantee they’ll have the book in stock.  Not the date.  I know all this because my editor replies to my frantic emails on weekends and explains the publishing business to me, bless her soul.

You’ll note the countdown is gone from the home page of my site because, you know… reality.

So!  If you’ve pre-ordered my book, you’ll have it in your hands this coming weekend.  If you haven’t, ordering today means you get it in a few days.  No news yet on whether bookstores will be stocking it as early as this weekend, so if you’re interested in buying it in a store, the best bet is to call them up and see if it’s on the shelves yet.  (Call them, honestly.  It will make me look popular).

And, of course, there is always Nook and Kindle.

Here are links to order:

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