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Everything I love today:

I love my electricity.
I love that my wind chimes are singing in the crisp air outside my door, giving this glorious winter morning a soundtrack.
I love that when I look out my living room window the first thing I see is a bright, shiny red heart in the middle of my neighbor’s wreath, right at my eye level.
I love the gorgeous piles of snow outside and the reminder that nature is mighty.
I love the silence and the long ease stretched before me with the cup of Earl Grey in my hand.
I love that my children are sleeping upstairs.

I am not one to follow the crowd and I am no fan of manufactured holidays. But I do like a prompt to reflect. Love is vast and varied.  It is available to me at every moment of the day. It’s as simple as looking at the bright blue sky and letting my heart find it.  Love is a state I’m in, not a thing I get.  I have never been happier.

Lots of love to you and thank you for reading.


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