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What do I love about having my book on the cusp of being published?  Too many things to count, but definitely among them are the many wonderful people I’ve gotten to meet along the way.  Case in point: Lyn Miller-Lachmann, author of Gringolandia, who today published an interview with me in the Children’s Book Council Diversity Newsletter.  You can read it online:  click here.

The CBC Diversity Committee is one of five committees established by the Children’s Book Council, the national nonprofit trade association for children’s trade book publishers. They are dedicated to increasing the diversity of voices and experiences contributing to children’s and young adult literature. They do great work in the publishing industry to bring awareness to stories like mine.

By the way, Lyn, the interviewer, is a force in her own right: teacher, writer and all-around cool person.  If you have been following New Jersey’s Governor Christe’s Bridgegate (I live in the next town over from Fort Lee, so I can’t help but follow), you must not miss her Lego satire of the whole thing.  Read it here:  J is for Juvenile: The Chris Christie Scandals in Lego.

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