A Conscious Uncoupling

Gwyneth Paltrow has been getting some flack for a phrase she used in her announcement about her split from her husband: conscious uncoupling.  People thought it sounded snooty and pretentious.  I [...]

Watch me on Fox 5!

I will be on Fox 5’s Good Day Street Talk this coming Saturday, March 29th at 6:00 a.m. The very cool Lisa Evers (of, among other things, Hot97 fame) is the interviewer.  Watch me talk [...]

Like free books?

If you like free books, you’ll love Free Book Friday!  Every Friday they give away freesigned books.  The best part?  This Friday they’re giving away five autographed copies of THE [...]

Things I used to do

I used to write about things.  I used to spout off my leftie opinions, get combative with the page, ruminate about the sky and the darkness, lilt lyrical about rain. And then my book happened. [...]

How true is True?

I am fascinated by True Detective, the HBO series that does a masterful job of character development. But I wish it had been a bit braver in its choice of female leads. The show is a dark crime [...]

Book baby blues

If you’ve had a baby or a wedding, do you remember the weeks after The Big Event?  When the presents had all been put away, the thank you cards written and all that was left was… [...]

New Book Events Added

Being a Jersey girl (think culture and gardening, not high hair and drama), it stands to reason that a lot of my book promotion will be centered around my beautiful Garden State.  Here are a few [...]