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Here’s how Shooting Star Magazine’s review of THE SECRET SIDE OF EMPTY begins, “If you live in the United States, you have probably heard a lot about illegal immigrants. Maybe you have a set opinion on the topic, but perhaps you do not. In either case, I would definitely recommend The Secret Side of Empty. It gives you a ‘personal’ look into what it’s like to be the illegal immigrant that everyone seems to have an opinion about.”

I love that insight, because it’s the #1 reason I wrote TSSoE.  A lot of people are spouting statistics and “facts” but few people are trying to understand the human condition.  So I’m glad that the fine folks over at Shooting Star saw that angle of it.

The rest of the review is insightful too, with a good synopsis of the plot and the main conflicts.  Click here to read more.

Thank you, Shooting Star Magazine!

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