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I love book bloggers, have I mentioned?  They’re out there in the world talking about books just because they love them.  How awesome is that? It’s a lot of work to read books and then post about them, and they do it all for love of the written word.

I especially loved this two-part post over two days with both a synopsis and a Q&A about THE SECRET SIDE OF EMPTY.  In her disclaimer (stating that she’d received an advance review copy), she wrote, “I received a review copy of The Secret Side of Empty from Running Press Teen, and no bribes of post-it love notes, college scholarships or cool bikes exchanged.”  If you’ve read the book, you get the joke.  (There are post-its and bikes and much need for a college scholarship in there).  I loved this little veiled reference that let me know the blogger “got it.”

Click here to read more on The Reading Date.

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