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One of the cool things about being a new writer today is that you don’t have to travel to 20 cities to let potential readers know about your book.  A big thing in book promotion are “blog tours,” in which bloggers post reviews, Q&As, guest posts and more in support of the release of new books that interest them.

My blog tour for THE SECRET SIDE OF EMPTY just kicked into gear and I am loving what I’m seeing so far!  I have created a new tab in the navigation of the blog (in the second, lighter gray bar up above, below the header) called blog tour posts.  I’ll update it daily (as my nutty travel schedule allows) so you can always know where to find things.

There is a LOT of fun stuff coming down the pike.  For example, this week on Thursday there is a Q&A with M.T., the main character of THE SECRET SIDE OF EMPTY.  It was SUCH fun to write in her voice again.  You’ll want to check it out… she’ll be telling you about a lot of stuff, including her favorite high school memory (it’s not in the book) and which movie she absolutely can’t wait to see.  (Surprise: I’m really looking forward to it too!).

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