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Blog posts to promote books can take on many forms.  Sometimes bloggers give you a Q&A, other times they post a review of your book.  Sometimes they allow you to do what’s called a “guest post,” which, as the name suggests, means you post on their blog as a guest.  These are both the best and most difficult opportunities because you have to come up with something original to say each time.  I tend to do less guest posts for this reason.

But I was honored and excited when my publicist secured an opportunity for me to do a blog post on author Cheryl Rainfield’s blog.  She is the well-known and well-regarded author of, among other things, the book SCARS, about a teen girl who hurts herself to deal with the things that trouble her.

I haven’t written a lot about the painful parts of THE SECRET SIDE OF EMPTY.  Most people understandably want to know about the immigration angle of the story.  But the main character, M.T., copes with her pain in ways that readers of books like SCARS would understand.  So in my guest post for Cheryl’s blog, I really let my feelings flow.  I am proud of the result.

Inspired by the Rumi quote, “The wound is the place where the light enters you,” I give you today’s guest post:  click here.

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