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Here’s something you might not know: every year, a group of YA (young adult) and MG (middle grade) authors debuting in the following year get together and form a community.  They come from all genres and publishing houses and all parts of the country and the world.  They set up a private chat room, work together to promote their books, plan events and get-togethers and otherwise celebrate the magic of the birth of their first books.  It’s like a new moms’ group, except for book mommies (and daddies!).  It’s amazing.

I belong to one called One Four Kid Lit, for those of us debuting in 2014.  Because book deals are signed so far in advance, the one for debuts in 2015 is already up and running.  It is called Fearless Fifteeners.  They are beginning with interviews of the 2014 “veterans.”  That includes me!

Kim Savage, Fearless Fifteener and author of the forthcoming AFTER THE WOODS, conducted my interview and came up with a bunch of fun and interesting questions.  You can see them today on the Fearless Fifteeners blog:  click here.  You can also learn more about Kim and work on her website… she’s a writer to watch!  Click here.

Thank you, Fearless Fifteeners!  Can’t wait to celebrate all your book birthdays with you!

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