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Today begins National Novel Writing Month, a completely made up excuse for writers to pressure themselves and each other to write.  I’m so totally in!

Here’s the deal: I have 27,000 words written in a 60,000 novel and 3,000 written in another 60,000 word novel.  So I have 25% of two books written.  90,000 words in 30 days is 3,000 words a day, which is totally doable for me.  But even if it proves to be too ambitious, I should at least be able to finish the first, closer-to-finished project in this coming month.

So I’m enlisting you to help keep me honest. If you follow me on Facebook, hop on there and berate me mercilessly to post my word count at the end of each day (I am a people pleaser and I will force myself to write if only to avoid people’s wrath).  If not, check in via email at maria (at)  Little reminders will help so much!  It’s a month full of madness with lots of book promotion events, but one does not get to choose when NaNoWriMo happens.  So help me power through!  I’m making my commitment public so I can stick to it.

And let me know if you have a big goal you’d like to achieve this month, whether writing related or not.

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