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The days are zooming by and I’m loving this positivity challenge.  I’ve been pretty grateful for the life I’m able to live for some time now.  Spending time focusing on it truly feels delicious.

1.  I am grateful for dreaming.  Not “I wish a had a Corvette” dreaming, but the actual stuff that happens when I’m asleep.  I dream just about every night, sometimes so vividly and powerfully that it feels like I lead a whole other life in another dimension.  It helps me believe in mystery and the subconscious.

2.  I am grateful for the rich variety of information and entertainment available to me.  For someone who thrives on “knowing everything,” I have the luck of living in the perfect age for it.  I have memories of life pre-Google, and believe me, young ‘uns, it was filled with frustration and a big list of things we couldn’t immediately know.  Now we can satisfy any curiosity at a moment’s notice.  Such privilege.

3.  I am grateful for my garden.  Did I list that already?  I think I mentioned my garden in a generic sense in an earlier Positivity Challenge post but today I want to really focus on what my garden has given me.  Gardening is an act full of hope.  But it also teaches us that the unsexy drudgery of day to day care is the thing that transforms us.  Just like being the one who sits up with the puking kid somehow transforms you into the person that’s most important to them in the world, so too weeding and watering transforms you into someone more patient, more grateful and more in awe of existence.  So many things worth knowing I learned from my garden.

Just two more days to go!  What’s great in your life today?

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