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Here we are on the next-to-last day of the Positivity Challenge.  I’ve loved it so much I think I’m going to keep it up.  I usually journal about any old thing in my little leather-bound notebook, but I think I’m going to start including daily gratitude lists.  I’ve done this from time to time and I’ve found that it does wonderful things to my mood.  Thank you, Positivity Challenge, for reminding me!

Today’s list is a bit more whimsical:

1.  Ice cream.  I developed a gluten intolerance earlier this year that made me pretty sick.  While we were figuring out what the problem was I cut out all sugar, dairy and wheat.  I’ve since reintroduced dairy, which means I get to eat ice cream!  Breyers Mint Chocolate Chip and Cherry Vanilla, my faves, are totally gluten free.  Oh, bless you, Breyers.

2.  Fall.  It’s not quite in the air yet, but it’s coming.  And, boy, am I excited!  I love the summer but fall is so beautiful in my neck of the woods.

3.  My solar-powered mason jar lamps.  Last summer I ordered six solar-powered mason jar lids.  Then I screwed them on to mason jars and had a (tall) friend hang them up like little lanterns from my pergola.  I adore them!  I sit outside late at night, make a fire and sit under their glow.  It’s the best kind of relaxation before bed.  Everything in life looks perfect under my solar powered mason jars.  Buy your own here.

That’s my list today.  What’s yours?

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