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Here it is, the last day of the challenge! It’s gone by way too quickly but it’s reignited my love for listing out all the good things in my life. I will definitely be continuing this in my journal. Here goes for today:

1. My babies are coming back from their vacation with dad in just four days! This year’s vacation went by in a flash (partly because it was just two weeks instead of the usual three this year). I enjoy my single-girl time but I also love having them home.

2. Sort of connected to that, I am grateful for my ex-husband. Our divorce was scary enough that I thought we’d always be at odds. Now, five years later, I call him a friend. (In fact, I’m picking them up from the airport, which is what reminded me). He is happy with someone new and I genuinely could not be happier for him. Gone are all the rancor and the fear. I’m grateful that we can be mutually respectful co-parents to our amazing children, get along, chat on the phone, celebrate milestones like graduations and go out to family dinners together. We can even laugh about the crazy times and remember the good times. It’s a minor miracle which has brought tremendous peace into an area of my life that was not peaceful for a long time.

3. And, last but certainly not least… I’m grateful for YOU! I love to write more than just about anything else in the world. But writing is much more fun when people read. That you are here reading this fills me with a satisfaction deep and wonderful. Thank YOU.

PS- bonus point: yesterday I had the sexiest day EV-ER. I don’t know if it’s the weight I’ve lost due to the gluten thing or what but I just felt fab all day. Went to buy my cocktail dress for that big party I’m going to next week and everything I tried on looked great, which is not my usual experience in fitting rooms. (Aside: why is all lighting in fitting rooms set up interrogation style? You’d figure stores would have understood by now that they’d sell more clothes if lighting was more flattering). Anyway, I think I’m settling on a hot red skintight number I tried on but I’m giving myself a few days to look around. See one of the other options below.

Then I bought a bunch of new clothes and loved every garment, from a hot new little pair of sweats to some painted-on leggings in a pattern I’ve been wanting for a while. Later I went out for drinks and reveled in my new tight pants and cute little top… and just (you guessed it) felt sexy and had an amazing time. Woo hoo! Maybe the Positivity Challenge had something to do with it?



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