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If you’re female, you’ve been catcalled on the street. If you’re male, you may not know it but every single woman you love -your mother, your daughter – has experienced it. It’s part of being a woman everywhere in the world.

So what’s the big deal? Isn’t it all just a friendly compliment, the right of men to say things like, “Nice ass, honey,” or “You’d be so much prettier if you smiled”? It’s true that most women just learn to deal with it with an eye-roll and silence. But stop and think about what it means that every female has learned to feel that it’s a regular part of existence on the planet. It’s objectifying and it’s about feeling free to walk on the street.

Well, not every female. I just found this intriguing website about It’s a movement to call attention to this phenomenon. Check out their website… they’ve got some interesting things to say and they’re getting nice media buzz: click here

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