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This past weekend I joined millions of my fellow Americans and went to check out Gone Girl. I was not disappointed. Finally, a writer with a darker view on marriage than I have.

The movie, adapted from the best-selling novel by Gillian Flynn, keeps you on your toes for its full 145 minutes. In a star-making role, Rosamund Pike plays Amy Elliot Dunne, a woman who disappears on her wedding anniversary. Suspicion soon falls on her cheating husband. There are shades of the Laci Peterson case, with revelation after damning revelation. But that’s just the beginning of this delectable descent into the darkness of the human soul. A creepy ex-boyfriend, an amazing performance from Carrie Coons as the husband’s sister (who I’ve previously gushed about for her role on The Leftovers) and a sharp look at the role of sensationalistic media on the public’s perception on guilt and innocence are just a few of the things that entertain and delight in this movie.

People in the theater were laughing at the sheer wickedness at certain points (in all the right places). It was just the yummiest romp. Highly recommended. The one caveat is that you’ll probably like it better if you haven’t yet read the book (as I have not). My viewing companion did read it and I was informed that things from the book were left out, as is to be expected.

But definitely go check it out. It’s replaced The War of the Roses as my favorite movie about how marriage goes awry.

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