It abashes me to me a cliche, yet at every one of my kids’ milestones I think, “They grow up so fast.” Today is a Halloween for which I’ve been advised my services will [...]


In those years when one decides one’s identity – tall/short, funny/serious, book smart/street smart, etc. – I decided I was precocious. The evidence was there to support it.  I [...]

Wednesday News

Hello there!  We’ve made it halfway through this week.  Here is some book news: 1.  Yesterday I posted about an upcoming talk I’ll be doing at William Paterson University on Thursday, [...]

Happy Monday!

Hello, loves! I’m back after sorely neglecting you last week. Apologies! I’m finding that it takes a few days to get back into my groove after a trip, particularly a crazy whirlwind [...]

Travelogue San Diego

Saturday, October 18 Today is packed with two events plus lots of driving in between. I love handling the details of travel – packing and hauling my bags (and learning to pack lighter and [...]

Travelogue LA

The flight to LA is bumpy. I write my name in my notebook in case the plane goes down, so that my kids will have the last words I wrote. Because, yeah, that’s me. A glass half empty kinda [...]

Aisle seats

I have entered the aisle seat phase of my life. There was a two-year period of my childhood, between ages six and eight, that I took a flurry of long international flights. Just like exposing a [...]

Did amnesty work?

As some of you may know, I was an undocumented immigrant.  In 1988 I got put on a path to U.S. citizenship by the Immigration Reform and Control Act… basically an amnesty.  So, as you can [...]

Gone Girl – a review

This past weekend I joined millions of my fellow Americans and went to check out Gone Girl. I was not disappointed. Finally, a writer with a darker view on marriage than I have. The movie, [...]