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Hello, loves! I’m back after sorely neglecting you last week. Apologies! I’m finding that it takes a few days to get back into my groove after a trip, particularly a crazy whirlwind like my last one. I’ve missed you!

Yesterday I was going through my FB feed and came across this awesome post by Neil Gaiman on his “journal”: click here.

In case you’ve never read Neil Gaiman, you’ve certainly heard of some of his books that have been made into movies: Coraline, Stardust (my absolute fan-girl fave). He’s a creative powerhouse with a 30-year career that makes most YA authors swoon with a mix of admiration and a tiny bit of longing.

So here’s what I loved about his blog post: it is perfectly banal. In it, he talks about his frustration with American Airlines, Power Points, his dog. He does go into musings about the responsibilities of authors and the entitlement culture of readers, but he takes a meandering path there that reveals him as a perfectly ordinary human. When someone has as successful a career as he has, it’s a good reminder that he’s just a person. I sometimes feel guilty that I share my “I are a rice cracker and cried at a TV commercial” minutiae stories with you. But I made a commitment to show up here every day and some days that’s all I’ve got. It’s good to see that sometimes that all Neil’s got too.

Brief anecdote about Neil Gaiman: I met him last month. He is represented by the same agency that I am, the inimitable Writers House, and flew in from London to attend their super 45th anniversary party. (Did I wind up telling you the story of that party? It was amazing. Over 600 attendees).

I spotted him as the party was winding down. I’d already met several literary luminaries, but he’s in a league of his own. His books are creative romps, revealing an intimidating imagination. For a second I froze, unable to imagine how to say hello to him. (I am notoriously shy at cocktail parties). But then I told myself that this was my one chance. I gathered up my courage, walked up to him and said, “So you’re the man to meet.” He forgave me my totally lame intro line and was very gracious. We had a nice chat. So I’ve had a soft spot for him ever since.

So here I am, with nothing but an ordinary post to share with you. But then I’m in some good company.

Big smooch. Happy to be back home.

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