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It’s always gratifying when a book club decides to read my book. It was especially awesome (and, full disclosure: a bit nerve-wracking) when a group in my town invited me to come discuss THE SECRET SIDE OF EMPTY.

It was a book club filled with women I’ve seen at Home and School meetings and on the playground for years. Ladies I’ll have to see at graduations and the town pool. The pressure was on. What if they hated my book?

I needn’t have worried. I made the 3 block trek to the host’s house on Saturday and was showered with compliments and affection. (And stuffed with Prosecco, snacks and the dreamiest cremont I’ve ever had). It was an evening of fun and conversation with old and new friends.

When I got home, the kids were like, “What happened to getting home at 7:00 pm?” I’d been having such a good time I forgot to text that I’d be late. I felt like a teenager out past curfew, but in the best possible way.

Oh, and I think I may have found myself a new book club. We’re reading the New York Times best selling ORPHAN TRAIN by Christina Kline Baker next.


Here we are:


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