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Hello, darlings.  Here it is, one of my absolute favorite days to be an American… Thanksgiving.

I didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving when I was little.  As recent immigrants, my parents just didn’t know much about the holiday.  We left to go back to Argentina before I could start school here.  When I came back, I was eight years old.

It was in the third grade when I first heard and came to understand the story.  The fish under the corn as fertilizer was one of my favorite details (ever the gardener, I suppose).  But I loved it all… the welcoming natives, the rough first year for the settlers, the gratitude at having made it through.  I could identify with that gratitude after times of doubt and fear.  Separated by centuries and space and background, the settlers were nonetheless my spiritual ancestors.

I bugged my mom to start a Thanksgiving celebration.  She was always somewhat baffled by turkey, but she liked any excuse for a party, supplementing the traditional fare with empanadas and Argentinian-style steak.  When I got a house, I claimed Thanksgiving as my own.  I love everything about it: the last-minute rush to get the house ready, the science behind making the tenderest turkey, creating a beautiful table.

For me, this has been a year of unimaginable blessings.  My life’s biggest dream came true as I published my first book.  I got to travel this beautiful country like never before.  My children are at my favorite age and we spend long hours laughing and having fun.  I found my dream job (or, rather, my dream job found me).  It is almost an embarrassment of riches.

As I list my many joys, I’m drawn to think of this little blog, so grounding and so constant.  Although I’d had a website for years, it was a little over a year and a half ago that I made the promise to write every day.  I was sad at the time and I wanted the solace of my beloved written word.  And it was waiting for me, as it always is.  That you are here reading is one of the best blessings of all.

I hope your day and your life is filled with as many good things as mine is.


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