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It is no secret that I am a card-carrying book nerd.  I love to write books, of course.  But, like most writers, I was first an avid reader.  I’m not sure I could list out all the ways in which books made my life, sparked my joy and taught me to think bigger.  But, needless to say, I just want to give every book I meet a great big hug.

Despite all prognostications that the paper book is dead, book-o-philes continue to buy them, borrow them, cart them around and otherwise smooch on them.  For the book lover in your life (or for you!) here are my favorite book-themed presents.  I own at least half of these!

Banned books mug: you know a book hits a nerve when people want to start banning it.  Here, in an attractive mug which I bought for myself at the gorgeous main branch of the New York City Public Library, is a fun “word cloud” style representation of some of the best banned books.  Click here for the banned books mug.

Fight evil, read books tote: if you’re an idealist, like me, you believe that evil thrives alongside ignorance.  You can’t be ignorant and be an avid reader.  (I mean, I guess you can, but you’ve got to work harder at it).  So I love this message.  Click here for “Fight evil, read books,” tote.

Women’s Shakespeare t-shirt: For the small but fierce book lover in your life, here’s a t-shirt that’s stylish and also kind of bad-ass.  “Thought she be but little, she is fierce,” a quote from A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  Click here for women’s Shakespeare t-shirt.

“Cry here when a fictional character dies” pillow.  I’ll admit it, I sobbed inconsolably when (spoiler alert for the 3 people on Earth who haven’t read the Harry Potter books or seen the movies) Dobby dies.  I hated that damn elm for quite a while, but his character development is so beautiful that by the time that dagger gets him while he’s helping Harry escape, I was just dripping sadness.  It wasn’t the first time and it won’t be the last I could have used this pillow.  Click here for “Cry here when a fictional character dies” pillow. 

Know of more cool book-themed gifts?  Send me an email and I’ll update this list!  mail (at) mariaeandreu (dot) com


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