Tonight I came back from a business trip kind of beat.  It was a short but intense trip so I was looking forward to having a hot cup of tea in my wonderfully warm, welcoming bed and calling it a [...]

Lies and the truth

Yesterday someone told me a lie. It was a small and foolish one, badly executed, the kind of lie I could have easily poked holes in if I had been so inclined. It was also unnecessary, a lie meant [...]

Tales from the Triangle

I was a paper girl when I was a teenager.  Because I was undocumented, I couldn’t get an after school job that required a social security number like some of my friends did.  At the time, [...]

Ethan Hawke in Hamlet!

Oh my goodness, peeps, in a news flash about as instantaneous as a 7th generation turtle bringing you tidings of a little thing called the Black Death, I am here to tell you that my darling Ethan [...]

Gifts for book nerds

It is no secret that I am a card-carrying book nerd.  I love to write books, of course.  But, like most writers, I was first an avid reader.  I’m not sure I could list out all the ways in [...]

All it takes is one

Last week, the American Library Association gave out its awards for children’s and young adult literature.  Among the winners was Kwame Alexander, whose book The Crossover tells the story [...]

Woman Power

This morning I fixed a thing.  It won’t get me my own reality show, like “Ice Road Garage Door Fixers” or “Naked, Afraid, but Kicking Butt,” (and, for the record, I [...]

How to read more

I don’t read as much as I used to.  It’s embarrassing to admit, for someone in the word business.  But life is busy.  I no longer commute by bus, which used to make me a captive for [...]

Why I love February

I love February. Living in the Northeast as I do, this may seem counterintuitive. February is when it’s coldest and snowiest. (It’s snowing as I write this). It’s when people [...]